Sunday, May 30, 2010

Initial posting

It's Memorial Day weekend in Rochester, NY. Blue sky. A commodity often in short supply in this south-of-Lake-Ontario micro-climate. This is construction season, and one of the more readily observable projects is a 42" diameter water pipeline replacement down the middle of S. Clinton Avenue.

On my walk I observed crawler excavators on break beside their trenches, awaiting the return of their vacationing operators. Love the big boy construction toys, and their assortment of accessories, none which tips the scale at less than a ton.

On the honor system, smaller piles and pallets of materials for the job are openly set out where they'll be needed. The thinking must be that the items are safe from theft due to their extreme weight or bulkiness, their lack of usefulness for anything other than a pipeline, or that they'll be used up before they can be "inspected" by the curious.