Thursday, June 3, 2010

Details, details, details.....

Whether you prefer "the devil is in the details" or architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's "God is in the details", in the architectural world, the ability to assemble a beautiful whole relies upon religious attention to details.

It's all about joints and connections. Intersections of similar or dissimilar shapes and products. It's where the meeting of the minds confronts the meeting of the materials.

And if it isn't planned, chaos ensues, producing what's known as a "kluge", a "clusterf___", or the term I like, "shotgun wedding", the unholy joining of that which shouldn't.

Without a plan including job coordination with the contractor, and without drawn details produced by a drafter doing "detailing", (the starting and for several years the position of any architectural graduate), be assured that your job quality may devolve into "gee, what you specified seemed expensive and these materials were in stock", or "the kitchen installer got here first, so I had to butt to his tiny molding", or "I talked the owner into changing to this", or "I've never done it that way", or finally "the painter will fix that up".

Proper detailing extends to the invisible parts of a building as well.

How many lovely things have been spoiled by a leaking roof? How often does a damp basement cause health concerns? Why is the door sticking, AGAIN? Why is the corner of the brand new deck sinking? Why did the plumber cut away half my floor joist? Why does the china rattle when I walk through the dining room? Why do the heating bills seem so high? Why are there odd J-moldings in the middle of my siding?

Why indeed? Why, in details !!

Detail, details, details.............

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