Sunday, July 4, 2010


Prince once sang "Let's Go Crazy", and it's certainly possible these days, just by strolling through the lawn tool department at Home Depot.

Acquire some of the POWER versions of these 1st-world-wonders, and "'ve got Power by the Hour in Your Hand". (Thank you ancient McCullough chainsaw jingle.)

I emphasize POWER because certain power tools are life-changing. A select group. Wielding this power can change a beach wimp into Charles Atlas, a Clark Kent into Superman, and allow him to take on projects previously thought neither to be possible nor necessary.

Powerwashers, weed trimmers, and chain saws are charter members of this elite club. (Founding members of the safety committee too: Eye protection, gloves, long pants, caution...)

The powerwasher can gently remove bird leavings two stories up, or it can blow a hole straight through the wall. With a turn of a valve it can gently wash the dog or create past-the-gasket carpet-soaking gale-force car-washing rain. So much power you can alMOST remove the stains on a maintenance free deck!

Weed-eaters, weed-whackers, we'd NOT be better off without them. Sure beats hand grass clippers. Now you can "clip" the edge of your driveway neater than you can clip the nails on your hand. Just gonna do that "little section" of lawn with the trimmer instead of mowing..... And you'd be surprised at how large a sapling trunk you can gnaw through with this baby. Ummm, sorry about the roses.

Lopping and chopping a chore? Chainsaws make it a snore. A loud ANGRY snore, and with flesh-ripping gore, if you're not careful. REALLY careful. Maybe I'll prune that little branch over there. Then that one, and that one, gotta even it up.....Great for helping with neighbor projects, too. You da man.

And I haven't even gotten to power CONSTRUCTION tools yet !
Be on the lookout for this blog-to-be.


  1. What a delightful and compelling read.

  2. Well thank you ! I'll try to intermix such posts with more "design oriented" posts. Trying to make a living after all.

    And in that spirit, please recommend this blog to others, and feel free to become a "follower".