Monday, September 13, 2010

You Can't Get Those Things Anymore?

Client:  I've been told you can't get anyone to _________________ anymore.

- do stucco
- turn a replacement spindle
- turn a replacement porch post
- make fancy curved wood stairs and railings
- match fancy plaster moldings
- build wood shutters
- machine special hardware
- make ______ repairs
- do ______ replacement
- make a _____

Architect:  Ohhhhhh YES you can........

Client:  Really?

Architect:  There's always an expert.  Some are local.  Many don't advertise.  Most don't  rush !

Client:  Yeah, but it'll cost a lot !

Architect:  Actually it DOESN'T cost a lot.  You are charged exactly what the rate is for getting what you want done DONE.  After all, he/she is "the" person who does "that thing".  If you want it done, you need to recover from the sticker shock and get in line.  They'll get to you....

Client:  I mean it'll cost more than buying what is standard THESE days.

Architect:  Yes it will.  You'll get some pleasure out of it though, and you'll be keeping a specialist tradesman fed, and a special trade alive.  You'll be a Supporter of the Construction and Architectural Arts.

Client:  Not sure I want to spend the money.

Architect:  That's a DIFFERENT story !!!


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